Volume 2 Number 3 Year - 2008

Number of articles: 10


Authors: L. Soos

Abstract: Determination of a product's phisical features is the responsibility of design engineering. This involves decisions related to the number of components, the role of each component, the choice of material, choice of methods etc. Those decisions depended upon the nature of relationship among customer - desired attributes of a product and its phisical features. Decisive criteria of machine tools quality are the productivity and working accuracy. The number of spindle - bearing systems supported on ball bearings with angular contact are proportionally increasing in accordance to this increasing demands on machine tools. By the variation of the bearings and their arrangement in bearing node, value of contact angle, magnitude of preload and type of flanges can be suitably optimised resulting stiffness and speed- ability of the spindle-bearing system. Rapid evaluation of various spindle-bearing system variants in the preliminary design stage has great importance for the design engineer. His selection can be correct, if he has suitably chosen criteria for the spindle bearing-system design and adequate experiences in this field. In this paper is introduced as well simplified mathematical apparatus for evaluation of basic spindle - bearing system parameters as also recommended selection criteria. In the paper, the design and verification of simplified mathematical model for computing of bearing arrangements parameter and stiffness are given.

Keywords: design engineering, quality of machine tool, headstock, spindle-bearing system, ball bearings with angular contact, bearing arrangements machine tools, lathe, static analysis, mathematical models, accuracy, productivity

Article info: pp. 157-164

Recieved: 04.06.2008  Accepted: 16.08.2008  UDC: 658.512.2   Downloads: 528

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