Volume 8 Number 1 Year - 2014

Number of articles: 10


Authors: V. Vineet Kumar

Abstract: Quality is an important aspect for every firm in modern era of competition. Every product has tough competition in terms of market reach. The factor, which actually makes any product long run in market, is quality and hence quality is the stepping-stone for success of any firm. For everyone meaning of quality is different. We have seen several economists who have defined quality by considering different factors, but what all of them have common in them is Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate result of quality. In three-dimensional graphical representation of quality, optimum quality is obtained by using three-dimensional graph by considering some important factors governing quality of any product, limiting factor, and customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Quality Management, Definition of Quality, Factors Affecting Quality, Three Dimensional Approach on Quality

Article info: pp. 11-22

Recieved: 01.01.2014  Accepted: 20.02.2014  UDC: 65.012.7   Downloads: 678

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